South Part

You feel stressed and you’re down because you really wanted to go, on this boat trip everyone told you about but there are some strong winds coming from the north.

Not to worry! Get rid of the bad mood and put on your pretty smiles! Go ahead and wear your bikinis because you have the chance to enjoy the south!

Get ready to put on some weight in these bathing suits pockets, with all of these beautiful collection you’ll make out of stones!

Trust me, you cannot resist the temptation!


Between “crazy” Tsigrado and the very beautiful Aghia Kiriaki, stands huge and magnificent, with it’s rocks made of perlite, “guarding” it’s green water forever.


Have you ever visited any pirate hideout? Caves in all sorts of shapes that create the ideal place for sea sports and excursions. So get on a boat to this magical place and ask all about the pirate stories while enjoying the view.


But why does everyone want to go to that beach anyway? The answer is because it is worth it! If you do not have the courage, the will or you simply do not wanna bother squeezing with all this people down there and you certainly do not want to use that ladder and that pirates rope to end up swimming in these amazing waters, just book with us and save yourself the hassle of getting all squeezed up and dusty. Convinced yet?


One of the top destinations for the tourists. A roofless cave big enough to leave us speechless, but with a not so large entrance, that allows access only to small boats. They call it Sykia because of a fig tree that used to have it’s roots on the cave’s roof, that no longer exists.

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