Milos Boat Tour Round of Milos & Polyegos

Milos Boat Tour for those who want it all! Kleftiko, Sarakiniko, Polyegos, Gerakas & Sykia

When you lay your eyes at this rocky island called Polyegos you don’t yet realize the energy and pure beauty it hides in its bays …when you swim in these therapeutic waters you just want to stay there forever…! If you choose to discover the whole island your day will be a day of miracles…Kleftiko is truly a blessing for those who love swimming and diving…! Even if all you wish to do is stare at these thousand year old rocks , you will not regret a minute . Gerakas is the safe place that surrounds you with its magical powers of making you love it more minute by minute and just makes you feel so peaceful…Glaronisia is lava that has come from a world unknown to us…imagine all of the people that have already seen this wonder as it exists since before even humans appeared in Milos…add to all this a whole day full of colors…questions about the past and history…an open bar with beverages and freshly cooked meals onboard…kind people who want you to sit back and enjoy your day ..! Trust us and we will lead the way to heaven as we know it…

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Klima (Milos Boat Tour Round of Milos & Polyegos)

One of the many colourful villages Milos owns. What makes them really special is the fact that the ground floor is used as a garage for the boat, also known in greek, as “Sirmata”.

Gerakas (Milos Boat Tour Round of Milos & Polyegos)

Between “crazy” Tsigrado and the very beautiful Aghia Kiriaki, stands huge and magnificent, with it’s rocks made of perlite, “guarding” it’s green water forever.

Polyegos (Milos Boat Tour Round of Milos & Polyegos)

A gifted island with water that can’t be described in words. The swimming pool of the Aegean belongs to one of it’s many bays and offers soul jubilation.

Kleftiko (Milos Boat Tour Round of Milos & Polyegos)

Have you ever visited any pirate hideout? Caves in all sorts of shapes that create the ideal place for sea sports and excursions. So take a leap of faith with us and get a boat tour with us ,to this magical place and ask all about the pirate stories while enjoying the view.

Thiorihia (Milos Boat Tour Round of Milos & Polyegos)

There is great history behind these sulfur mines, as it really did “fight” hard in order to stay operative amongst the years during the last century, where the whole “story” finally got a conclusion. The beach with the yellow water and the red rocks till these days “decorate” the remainings.

Glaronisia (Milos Boat Tour Round of Milos & Polyegos)

A very rare, at global level, “piece of art” shaped in hexagonal columns that were created when lava came out of sea, forming an island that looks as if “taken” out of a fairytale thousands of years ago. A little “heaven”, for photographers, enriched in beauty and history.

Sykia (Milos Boat Tour Round of Milos & Polyegos)

One of the top destinations for the tourists. On our way to Kleftiko there is this very special place. A roofless cave big enough to leave us speechless, but with a not so large entrance, that allows access only to small boats. They call it Sykia because of a fig tree that used to have it’s roots on the cave’s roof, that no longer exists.

Arkoudes (Milos Boat Tour Round of Milos & Polyegos)

The two guardian bears of the island standing in the entrance of the port. It’s worth mentioning the fact that only few people have the “charisma” to discover the chicken and rabbit before they finally set their eyes on the “beast”.

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